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Designed for teams to maximize performance, accelerate growth, and improve customer experience, WhatCX provides the right tools for any task.


Create no-code chatbots for WhatsApp that answer customer questions automatically, share content, and send notifications related to orders, payments, and shipping.

  • Create chat flows

    Make conversation flows with your customers on their preferred platform & customize your welcome/reply messages as per your needs.

  • Map user journeys

    Create frictionless user journeys in your sales funnel to visualize the experiences of customers with your product and services.

  • Make custom bots

    Get more leads and boost your sales by creating custom bots for custom needs- sales, marketing, and feedback bots.

  • Add engaging buttons

    Boost customer engagement by integrating essential call-to-actions, quick reply actions, and media files in your messages.

  • Enhance customer experience

    Delight your customers on the most loved platform by enabling automation in your chat flows with auto bots.

Automated Forms

Automate the collection & processing of data in your business by sharing forms on WhatsApp and allowing your customers to fill out forms at the same time or later with shareable links.

  • Collect user data

    Transform the way you think about your product by getting relevant user data and explicit feedback from customers.

  • Build custom forms

    Create customized forms with relevant fields to collect important information & feedback in real-time from customers.

  • Automate form filling

    Automate the filling of forms to make them easier and faster to fill and to reduce time by eliminating tedious manual work.

  • Boost customer engagement

    Add engaging calls to action buttons, quick reply actions, and relevant links to your forms for boosting engagement and conversions.

  • Create shareable links

    Never bother your customers with the urgency of filling out forms by creating shareable links on WhatsApp to make filling forms later.

Advanced Broadcasting

Reach & engage thousands of contacts on WhatsApp without the hassles of messaging individual contacts. Set, schedule, launch & track result oriented marketing campaigns to boost your revenue.

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Advanced Broadcasting all-tools-4
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  • Schedule & send thousand of messages easily

    Reach all of your existing and new customers on WhatsApp in just a single click with WhatCX’s bulk broadcast to notify them of the latest update, offers, deals, or launches.

  • Boost engagement with trackable CTA buttons

    Attach action buttons, call-to-action links, and quick reply buttons to engage your audience and make them reach their preferred agent or last contacted ones on chat.

  • Keep the conversation going with bots, forms or agents

    Enable autoresponders, route chats to specific teams or agents, and share automated forms to engage customers as soon as they message your business on WhatsApp.

  • Take control of costs with estimation tools

    Ensure your business never lose a single penny and your marketing campaigns are revenue-generating with trackable campaign performance tools on WhatCX.

  • Track engagement rates

    Once a broadcast is sent, check the enquiry generated, read, delivered, and sent rates to boost your revenue & target campaigns effectively.

Shared Team Inbox

Vastly improve your customer experience on WhatsApp by bringing all conversations and agents on one number. Access chat archives and keep a clear context across your team

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Shared Team Inbox-2
Shared Team Inbox-3
Shared Team Inbox-4
Shared Team Inbox-5
  • Bring transparency across teams & agents

    Access all your chat history in one place to make your entire organization clear regarding customer-facing conversations.

  • Collaborate easily with true multi-agent chat

    Assign multiple agents to solve customer queries faster & improve customer experience.

  • Record context with private notes

    Channel your conversations in written format under private notes attached to every contact detail so that they can be accessed at any time in future.

  • Promote relationships with sticky agents

    Make conversations smooth and hassle-free for your customers by making them connect to their preferred agents or teams.

  • Improve productivity with well-designed tools

    Categorize conversations based on teams, assign specific tags, and stay informed about what’s happening in your team all the time.

QR Codes & Widgets

Bring your contacts to WhatsApp with unique QR codes or website widgets & customize chat experiences with context.

  • Generate leads from your web pages

    Allow visitors to connect with your teams with easily embeddable website widgets.

  • Personalize & automate frequent conversations

    Trigger bots, and forms to automate frequent conversations & assign agents on demand.

  • Customize widgets to match your brand

    WhatCX makes it easy to customize widget color, content & more to match your brand.

  • Link forms with QR’s to automate data collection

    Collect information from contacts & turn enquiries into meaningful conversations with automated responses & intelligent agent handover.

  • Gather complete analytics

    You can analyze total renders, and how many times QR has been triggered, scanned, and clicked, and view countrywide/worldwide usage of code.

Contact Management

WhatCX makes it very easy to store, process, filter and view millions of contacts with robust contact management features.

Contact Management -1
Contact Management -2
Contact Management -3
Contact Management -4
Contact Management -5
  • A home for all your WhatsApp contacts

    Import or connect with other tools.

  • Personalized chat with rich contact profiles

    Easily add tags & custom fields to enrich contact data & personalize experiences.

  • Easily segment your audience with advanced filters

    Use tags, custom fields and labels to filter and segment your contacts for campaigns.

  • Organize & group chats with labels

    Improve agent efficiency with automated chat labels & keep track with filters.

  • Stay secure with advanced access controls

    Control the access of personally identifiable information in your organization with our security features.


WhatCX’s verified integrations ensure support for your business with the most current standards. The WhatCX platform lets you integrate industry-leading software and custom applications directly into your tools.

  • WhatCX blends easily within your tech stack

    Integrate WhatsApp messaging easily with your current software & give a boost to your customer experience on WhatsApp

  • Nurture leads better with powerful automations

    WhatCX works with leading CRM systems to help nurture leads better on WhatsApp.

  • Automate notifications on WhatsApp within your product

    Use our developer friendly API to integrate WhatsApp chat flows intimately within your user journey using WhatCX.

  • Enable marketing automation on WhatsApp

    Nurture your relationships with customers by enabling automation in your workflows for existing and new leads.

  • Track your leads to conversion

    WhatCX integrates with sales CRM to enable 100% visibility into the user journey on WhatsApp.

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I have found that WhatCX has greatly improved my productivity. The ability to easily monitor the activity of agents and utilize features such as multiple image sending and image drag have been extremely helpful. Overall, WhatCX has made my life much easier.

Deepak Oberai

Ajanta Bottle

We have seen a significant increase in webinar attendance, about 60%, since implementing WhatCX for communication. This has provided us with a better opportunity for sales and overall been a very positive experience for our business. Thank you, WhatCX!

Rahul Sehghal


We were amazed by the results we saw after using WhatCX for our webinars. Our attendance rates increased by a staggering 300%! We highly recommend WhatCX to anyone looking to boost engagement and drive success.

Jay Sehgal


I am so pleased with WhatCX. It has made my life as a teacher much easier by providing a platform for communication with students, including doubt sessions, assignment sharing, and broadcasts. Thank you, WhatCX!

Ayushi Gupta


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